Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back on Cheeseburgers!

Well I saw my surgeon today for my 6 week follow up visit (its actually 7 weeks right now) and things look good. I am officially his slowest healer! I always seem to be an enigma when it comes to medical things which isn't usually a good thing. The way I see it... Boring, is good!

So the end of one incision still had a tiny scab on it, well he cut that off. The other incision has a thin pink area at the end of it and he wants me to watch that but I am pretty sure it is just the way the scar is healing since its been there the whole time. I asked if it was something to be concerned about, he said, "no, but with you everything is a concern". So if it changes at all I am supposed to go in but I don't anticipate it changing at all since it looks the same as it has!

So I am back on cheeseburgers and high protein for a while until everything is for sure well healed.

Otherwise he was very pleased that we have avoided hyperbaric so far and that things are going well. So I will see him again in 4-6 weeks for a follow up and hopefully by then he will cut me loose!

I did ask about things like can I swim? He said after this corner heals (in a week) he said it would be fine. I did tell him that I want to swim in a lake on the 4th of July and he was totally fine with it and said by then it would be fine so that's good news since we are going up north!

Well, most likely I won't have much for updates over the next few weeks but I will definitely post after my next appointment and hopefully will be signing off!