Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uppitty up up!

Another fill down! Tuesday I had another fill and had 50 put in the left smaller side and 40 put in the right side. I would have done 50 but the skin looked tight and they don't want to over do it. Plus at some point they need to start evening them out!

So the plan is to see the Doc in 3 weeks (he's out of town) and then decide how many more fills and what amount they want my to be at as my overfill. Initially it was 300 but it may be a bit more now.

This fill was the first one where I could really feel the expansion happening. Amazingly I was only a little sore that night and the next morning and am already back to feeling fine and the skin is all stretched nicely.

It is odd how much better I feel having real boobs! I've always been pretty flat and its really never bothered me. I've never really thought much of it. I guess surviving childhood bone cancer puts little things into perspective and it never really bothered me. But now having them, its kind of nice! I can wear shirts I couldn't before. I look normal in a swimsuit. I feel more girly. I was much more modest prior to having any boobs and now I would show just about anyone! They are great! I guess as long as I am going through all of this a little perk (no pun intended) is a good thing!

So I go back October 12th to come up with a plan!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


OK so fill yesterday went fine but I could feel some more stretching than I did the previous fills... Well, this morning I was SORE! Super sore but it only lasted for an hour then after carrying JT around for a bit everything loosened up and the pain when away. Still can feel tightness but no pain.

I was a little worried when I woke up because it was so sore and I hadn't really had any soreness with the fills, but no worries, keep truckin forward!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Final Product!

I had another fill today, had 50 more put in. I am at 225 which will be the final product when I am done with my next surgery! So they will over fill by 100... I know right! Yikes! So I will have 2-3 more fills depending if they even them out or if he thinks that he can just even them out when I have the next surgery. So 2-3 more fills, then wait 6-12 months then surgery (and more hyperbaric)! So at least an end is somewhat in sight... or at least a plan for the end!

They look pretty good right now besides being a bit square from the expanders and rock hard! I can feel more tightness with this fill as well and am assuming that the next couple will get tighter as well.

The interesting thing about boobs is that on me with my frame and size 225 is perfect but on someone even a little bigger than me 225 would be nothing! And also depending on the projection and shape of the implant the size can differ significantly. Mine are small and perky where as if they used a bigger expander they would be wider and flatter at the same volume.

As someone who was pretty much flat, it's nice to have some boobs!

Oh and a few people were under the impression that the port was outside of the skin and asked why I couldn't just slowly expand at home since I was a nurse. The port is actually under the skin and a needle is used to access the port and inject the saline. So I will not be poking myself at home!

The future is looking brighter every day as I slowly move forward with getting to the end of this journey! So much for a short term blog huh!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

175... Moving on up!

Expansion number 3 was on Tuesday! Went just as well as the others. 50 more in bringing me to a total of 175 on each side! They are almost perfect! another 50 and they will be about the size they will be when I am done but we will overfill to about 300 to stretch the skin enough so that when they put the implants in that they sit in a more natural position. This time I was a teeny tiny bit sore the next morning for a couple hours but it went away pretty quick and was more than tolerable, not even tylenol worthy.

At my next fill (hopefully next week), we will most likely start to even things out. Although they have the same amount in them because of my pectus excavatum (bent up rib cage), the left one sits in about an inch further than the right so I will need two different sized implants in the end to make them appear to be the same size.

Do I dare say that the expansion process is going GREAT! And is almost enjoyable! I've never had boobs before and am quite enjoying not being flat! I even wore a cami with the stupid built in shelf bra today which I NEVER would have worn before without also wearing a padded underwire underneath it. It looked great (I had another shirt layered over it as well)! Regardless it is going well and my hope is that it continues to go well!