Monday, October 24, 2011

Final Fill!

I had my FINAL fill today!!! WOoo hooo!!!!
50 more on the left and only 20 on the right to even it all out! So now at 385/325 which is even because of my lovely deformed chest cavity!

So plan now... do nothing! I'll call back in 3 months to schedule a surgical date for 3 months after that! So hoping end of April beginning of Mayish! Which will leave plenty of my summer to be enjoyed!

Its kind of crazy to think how well the fills went give I got off to such a rough start. Amazing really. So now I have finished another HUGE milestone, a big step in this journey. The next surgery should be much easier since everything will be stretched and is basically just a switch out for real implants. That and the fact that I am only having one surgery instead of three at once!

I am fairly sore tonight and am assuming tomorrow won't be the most comfortable but I am done!

I am guessing the blog may be a bit quiet for a while which is a good thing! I'll pop in once in a while but hopefully there is nothing to report!

Thank you all for the continued support!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"I check out the boobies"

Apparently some small people in my life are noticing my ever growing chest! The other night my son (2) was sitting on my lap, touched my boob and said "iPod"... um no (1- I have no iPod and 2- if I did that wouldnt be it!)... So I told him it was my boob to which he replied, "um, I check out the boobies?" no... it was hysterical and due to our reaction he happily said it numerous more times with a big smile on his face. Then last night he climbed up on my lap, put his hand on my chest, smiled and said, I check out the boobies. Nice kid huh! So needless to say my charming little 2 year old son thinks he is a very funny little boy!

I saw plastics today (YAY) after having a 3 week break due to my surgeon being out of town and the nurse wanting me to have him see my progress before deciding on a final volume. So my real volume when my real implants are in will be somewhere between the last two fills. Starting with this fill everything is over fill. So I got 60 on the left side (smaller side from my bent ribcage) and 40 on the right which brings my grand totals to 335/305. So I will have one more fill and hopefully do another 50/40 which should even the last little bit out and get me big enough to stretch the skin enough for the real implants.

I was able to nail down a little more for a surgical time frame. If I get the next fill by the end of the month then surgery would be Aprilish. He's unsure if we will do hyperbaric before, after, both, or neither... he seems to think that my skin is much better now and that with the technique he is going to use that I may not need it as long as I eat a ton of meat protein before then! So we'll see. He thinks that it will just be day surgery as well!

So we'll see how I feel tomorrow and if I want to do a fill next week or the week after. I am pretty sore from this one so may wait a little longer than a week but we'll see.

Its nice to have at least a sort of tentative plan for when things will happen so I can start planning my life and not live in limbo land.

So once again I move forward and feel really good about this whole decision and am SO glad that I was given the gift of a choice.